One our our favorite fashion bloggers, Kate of No Pants Tuesday, featured a Paradox body chain in her latest post! There is also a giveaway for a pair of Paradox high-waisted shredded floral shorts, so head over to No Pants Tuesday for a chance to win!

Photo Credit: Kate/ No Pants Tuesday

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Shot the vintage collection yesterday on an abandoned farm. It was pretty eerie, the house had children’s toys scattered around and there were two barns and a shack that had completely fallen apart, not to mention an airplane hangar filled with the family’s belongings. We found a wedding photo album amoung other things, just makes you wonder what happened to the family and why the farm fell apart! Sounds like a scary movie in the making, yes?

All of the creepy aspects aside, it was a perfect location to showcase vintage clothing. It was blistering hot but our models still looked fabulous in our eclection collection of vintage clothes. Gabe and Jaytee were faithful assitants, even after Jaytee stepped on a rusty nail!

Afterwards, we headed into the studio to take some product photos before a night of editing photos, chinese food, and wine. Can’t wait to get the store up and running so you guys can get your hands on our vintage collection! Keep an eye out, we’re launching July 1st!

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I bought this dress from a thrift store because I loved the nude color, but I wasn’t in love with the overly modest hemline. I’ve had this vintage bow pin my grandmpa gave me as a kid, and it was the perfect way to easily modernize the dress while adding a little drapery to the shape as well.

Step 1- Gather fabric from the outer sides of the front of the dress. Collect material slightly lower than the point in which you want to fasten your pin.

Step 2- Pull the fabric from one side over across your waist and then upward towards the point in which you’ll pin the dress, repeat with the other side. You can overlap the sides or have them meet evenly in the middle, either technique will create pretty drapery.

Step 3- Pin your brooch through both sides and through the center of the dress so the sides don’t sag in the middle.

Super easy, no sewing required, and you can swap out different pins for a new look every time you wear it!

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